Sunday, May 26, 2013

ice cream sundances

So I've been having a slight (major) sweet tooth lately and I think it's affecting how I dress. This skirt is yet another purchase from work ( and it's so comfy. I'm a sucker for slits and this skirt is seriously perfection. So damn comfy and y'all should know by now I am a creature of comfort. 

Tank - H&M
Skirt -
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Watch - Timex from boyfriend
Shoes - T.U.K. from Urban Outfitters

So once upon a time I decided to do laundry aaaand I happened to throw in two new red shirts into the mix and about an hour later I was shocked to find that my load of laundry had mysteriously turned pink.  Thus the birth of that pink tank you see me wearing.  I originally bought it white from h&m two years ago on sale for 5 dolla dolla billzzzz. And have mostly been wearing it to sleep or to do cleaning around the house but it's new hue gave it a new life and new place in my wardrobe. Those sunglasses were once upon a time even with the flowers but a few fell off to be lost forever and ever and so I balanced it out with dots of gold nail polish and now I totally adore them. This is one of the rare days I'm not wearing anything vintage or thrifted but I have to confess, I'm totally digging the vibes. Some days I just want to feel like a girl, you know? Weird way to put it but hey, whatever.

On another note, I'm getting used to living out in the country and have decided I can stick this out for a year before returning to my city roots. Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday and a fab memorial day weekend!

xo, Meow

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