Saturday, May 4, 2013


One of my main sources of inspirations (and driving force of my life) is my loved ones. Thought it'd be nice to make occasional posts dedicated to my lovelies that not only inspire me to look my best but to be by best. D'awww I'm so cheesy~

I'm starting this off with one of my absolute favorite humans in the world, Alexander Fucking Ghanma. The most gorgeous man on this planet. We're both from the bay and both spent one year of fashion school together totally inseparable. From going into Saks, Zara, Neiman Marcus and basically every store in SF and browsing EVERY garment and accessory to our constant slumber parties, lounging with chai teas watching Will & Grace to attending fashion events or thrifting in the Mission to partying in our hometown and our late night drives to Lana Del Rey. We were on top of the world.

This last picture encompasses Alix beautifully. Smoking that Capri, vacuuming and cleaning his studio EVERY SINGLE DAY. Perf housewife. That studio was his (and basically my) home.
Anyways, this is Alix, fashion idol, glamorous, bad boy. Everyone's obsessed with him (especially me). He's the type of guy you can walk around shopping with, hands filled with (designer) shopping bags and start spinning/walking with our arms out with the bags as if we owned the shopping mall (or ballerina princesses...)
ANYWAYS, felt the need to share and spread the love, I have a few more people in mind that I want to feature soon.

Much love!
xo, Meow(chelle)

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