Wednesday, June 5, 2013

adventures in stripes

I went adventuring with my boyfriend and a few friends after work last week and snapped these photos  by a pizza joint in the middle of nowhere. Hi-light of the trip was driving by a gorgeous lavender ranch, it smelled and looked incredible, definitely going to drive back in that direction again one of these days and find those lavender fields. I'm currently dressing for a gnarly heat wave. It's going to be 115 this weekend here! I AM SO NOT DOWN. Going to be hiding away in air conditioned anywheres the whole weekend. Must find a way to beat the heat!

Favorite beanie - A drugstore near you (in my case, CVS)
Tank - 90s vintage, Salvation Army
Backpack - Salvation Army
Overalls - (get them here.)

Super duper comfy outfit, these overalls are yet another purchase I've made at work. I seriously can't even express how much I adore my job, I basically get to play dress up with real life dolls all day and my team is amazing aaand the models I've gotten to work with so far have all been really sweet and awesome. SO BLESSED. Today we didn't photo shoot so I prepared the new arrivals for tomorrow's shoot and took instagram pictures. How rad is that. Aaaaanyyways, I should stop before I get too carried away being excited about my job. I'm going to make a post one of these days of some pics I've snapped at work. Welp, that's all folks! 

Hope you're all having lovely weeks, summmaaaaaaaa is here!! :-) :-) :-)
xo, Meow

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