Sunday, August 4, 2013


Heeello folks! Sorry I've been MIA for a quick minute there, just moved to a new pad and don't have wifi yet. Currently sitting in a Peet's with my green tea latte, finally sharing this post I've been saving from over a month ago.  

Wore this outfit on the day of a lookbook shoot at work that I helped style. That shoot was the second lookbook at Lulu's that I assisted with styling but the first one I got to experience firsthand, it was so rad!

Anyhoo, making this post quick, I think this Peets is closing soon!  I pretty much threw on a bunch of my favorite jewelry that makes me happy, most of it from antique/thrift stores and a Gypsy Junkies dress, one of my first purchases from work.  Those shoes I got from Urban Outfitters in SF over a year ago.

Okaaayyy, that's all I have time for, toooodles!! xo

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