Thursday, February 7, 2013

But dude..

I've always so inspired by the people closest to me, my sister growing up mainly because she's 8 years my elder and we never lived together. The times I had with her growing up were few and cherished and I wanted to be exactly like her. She had this grungy gothy look that were perfection to me in my elementary school years and have stuck with me since. The Carhartt beanie is so comfy, and taken from my boyfriend. The flannel's from my father's closet. He's never seeing that thing again. I love wearing things from my loved ones, it keeps them close. 

                What I'm Wearing:
  • boyfriend's beanie
  • dad's flannel
  • cashmere cardigan
  • thrifted leopart shirt
  • thrifted plaid skirt
  • thrifted leather backpack
  • Urban Outfitters socks
  • T.U.K. creepers
xo, Meow

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